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Baitcasting Reel 7.2:1 High Speed 8KG Max Drag Fishing Ree

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Product Features

+ 9 levels of magnetic force can be adjusted.

+ New upgrade, sea water is available,it is Can fish for 48 hours in the ocean environment.

+ Large magnetic force range,From long shots to fine fishing methods can be competent.

+ AE2000 uses N42 neodymium magnet,Ordinary fishing reels only use N35 neodymium magnets.

+ 7.2:1 Gold high speed ratio,It is shows most of the bait species gorgeous swimming posture.

+ Ceramic cylindrical outlet hole,Smooth, strong and wear-resistant.

+ 8kg super braking force, high intensity fishing guarantee.


+ Line Capacity(mm-M)AE2000:
0.26mm-140m; 0.28mm-120m; 0.30mm-110m


Package weight:0.3KG
Package including:1pc Reel